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Adult Cap, Gown & Tassel Set



Shiny Cap, Gown, and Tassel Set
This set includes a cap, a gown, and a tassel with a year charm. This is our most economical cap and gown package – high quality for a low price. The cap and gown are durable enough to be worn several times, as long as cared for properly.
This set is the perfect choice for graduation or moving up ceremonies for elementary school, middle school, junior high school, or high school. The gown can also be used for choir, church performances or religious events, theater and plays, and even as part of a Halloween costume.
The Gown:
The gown is made of 100% polyester, has a satin-like appearance, is traditionally styled with two wide front pleats, has wide bell sleeves, and a zipper front.

The Cap:

The cap is a four sided mortar board, matching the color of the gown. It features elastic inside in order to accommodate most head sizes.

The Tassel:

You may select a solid, or multi color tassel of your choice to attach to the cap. The 9″ tassel comes with a charm that features the graduation year, in your choice of gold or silver.

Check out our accessories, for other items that will go along great with this set, including stoles, honor cords, and diploma covers.

Product Care:

– Do not iron or machine wash/dry any of our products

– Hand wash only in cold water; hang to dry

– Use a light/cool steamer while gown is on hanger, or gently cool iron

– Avoid heat, as it will damage the material

– We are not responsible for any damage caused as a result of washing or removing wrinkles

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Gown Size

4'6"-4'8", 4'6"-4'8" FF / add $3.00, 4'9"-4'11", 4'9"-4'11" FF / add $3.00, 5'0"-5'2", 5'0"-5'2" FF / add $3.00, 5'3"-5'5", 5'3"-5'5" FF / add $3.00, 5'6"-5'8", 5'6"-5'8" FF / add $3.00, 5'9"-5'11", 5'9"-5'11" FF / add $3.00, 6'0"-6'2", 6'0"-6'2" FF / add $3.00, 6'3"-6'5", 6'3"-6'5" FF / add $3.00, A Default

Tassel Color-3

Black / add $1.00, Brown / add $1.00, Emerald Green / add $1.00, Gold / add $1.00, Hunter Green / add $1.00, Light Blue / add $1.00, Light Pink / add $1.00, Maroon / add $1.00, Navy / add $1.00, none, Old Gold / add $1.00, Orange / add $1.00, Purple / add $1.00, Red / add $1.00, Royal Blue / add $1.00, Silver / add $1.00, Turquoise / add $1.00, White / add $1.00

Year Date

Gold 2023, Silver 2023 / add $0.25, Silver 23 "Bling" / add $2.25, Gold 2022, Silver 2022 / add $0.25, Silver 22 "Bling" / add $2.25, Plain Gold Band WITH Hook, Plain Gold Band WITHOUT Hook, Plain Silver Band WITH Hook, Plain Silver Band WITHOUT Hook, none


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